Andre Bassing

Calypso Moon

Daniel East

Danielle Grace Williams

Dapper Dudes

Dean Stansby


Dukebox Pop!


Frank Sinatra - Ian

Frank Sinatra - Steve

Full Temple

Jive Aces


Le Jazz Hot Duo

Matthew Long

Midnight Swing - Nicola Marie

Natalie McGrath

Peter Sarsfield

Pippa Langhorne

Ratpack - Dean Gee

Ratpack - Legends of Swing

Ratpack - Ratpack Boys

Ratpack - Ratpack Is Back

Ratpack - The Swinging Rascals

Saxophonist - Casey Greene

She - Duo

Silk Street

Stirling Austin Band

Sunshine Kings

Suzi's Dinner Dance Cabaret

The Black Hat Band

The Brass Volcanoes

The Four Tones

The Jazz Cannons

The Lady & The Sax