The total price quoted & detailed on the contract is the amount you will be required to pay. You may be required to supply your entertainer with refreshments as part of the agreement, which will be confirmed to you at the time of booking. (Referred to as the artist rider)

Rider refers to the little extras that a performer may request as part and parcel of the booking, provided by the person that is booking them. Typical riders include refreshments such as soft drinks/tea/coffee and sandwiches, some artists will stipulate a hot meal. Facilities/changing room will be required for the artist to change and relax prior to show time.

A standard evening booking is based on the following:

  • Entertainer’s arrival - between 5 - 6pm to set-up and sound check at the venue.
  • The fee quoted on your booking is based on the assumption that the act needs to be set up & sound checked between 7.00 - 7.30pm.
  • Performance times will be discussed & arranged to suit your requirements and specified on the contract, all performances are based on a finish time no later than midnight, if you require a performance time later than midnight this will be subject to an additional cost.
  • Weddings - In some cases where the performance is taking place in the same room as the wedding breakfast (and there is no room turnaround time) the act may need to arrive much earlier in the day and this will be subject to an additional fee, agreed at the time of booking.
  • Venues with difficult access points, or where the room is not at ground floor level, will generally increase the set up times, please inform us at the time of your enquiry if any of these issues apply.

There are no hard and fast rules, however we strongly recommend the venue doesn’t plan to bring out the buffet during a band performance, as it’s always difficult for the band to compete with a table full of food. We will be happy to discuss your schedule and offer advice on the most suitable performance times to ensure you attain the desired results from the entertainment chosen.

Self-contained basically means that the band or entertainer will provide everything required to perform their act. If an act is fully self-contained then you do not need to do anything other than book them!

A public address system (PA system) is an electronic amplification system used to reinforce a sound source. The size of the venue & the number of people present will determine the Pa size required. Sound engineers and technicians are often used for larger events.

Parking will be required for your entertainer, if your venue does not provide parking facilities the act will want to be reimbursed for any parking costs incurred, or they may include this in the fee agreed, providing it has been discussed at booking stage.

Most bands will have a set list or song repertoire that they adhere to. This is available upon request. Some bands are happy to learn requests/ first dance songs providing they have sufficient time and adequate notice is given, other bands may not be so flexible due to time constraints, or they may feel the song requested does not complement the style of songs they perform. Ultimately the band know if you are requesting a song it’s obviously a favourite & their aim would be to do the song justice. Always feel free to ask and we will find out for you.

Most performers will choose their own order as years of performing experience has provided them with a tried and tested show.

This is very rare and will be subject to cancellation penalties, all cancellation fees are detailed on the contract terms. As you can appreciate the entertainers perform for a living, once we confirm the date, they reserve it for you & turn away other enquiries they receive for that same date. Therefore, when you cancel there is a very strong possibility that they may not be able to re-book the date and therefore in position of losing the income that has been agreed.

Please note – any cancellation fee goes directly to the entertainer that you have booked and not the agency.

This would be extremely rare, as discussed above most artists perform for a living and once a booking is confirmed, contracts are sent. The artist confirms that at the time of signing this contract they have no prior engagements or commitments that would prevent them from fulfilling this contract. The artist agrees that he/she will not enter into any other contracts that would prevent them from doing so.

In the event that the artist is unable to perform due to illness/injury the client/hirer and JK Entertainment will be informed at the earliest opportunity. The client/hirer will not be liable for the payment of the fee.

The big advantage of booking with JK Entertainment means you are not alone. With our massive repertoire of acts, we will endeavour to supply a suitable replacement for you, or if you so wish we will refund any deposits taken for the artist that has cancelled. This will then complete any obligations by JK Entertainment in full.

JK Entertainment operates as an employment agent & assumes no further responsibility between the client/hirer & the artist.

In the event that the artist does not fulfil their contractual obligation & with no reasonable proof as mentioned above then the artist and the artist solely could be liable to reasonable compensation to the client/hirer.

Force Majeure - no salary shall be paid for days upon which the artist(s) is unable to perform, by any reason beyond the client's/hirer's control such as national mourning, war, biological warfare, epidemic, pandemic, strife, or lock-outs directly affecting the venue, or by the order of the licensing or any public authority having jurisdiction. In any such event, notice must be given to the artist forthwith, failing which, reasonable expenses must be paid.

Covid – Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that the current lockdown & tier systems have caused major disruption & stress for our customers and our industry. Therefore, we have included some additional information to provide complete reassurance, so that you can plan with confidence and look forward to your special day or occasion.

Deposits taken during the Covid Crisis or pre-booked dates affected by the crisis.

  1. Should your booked date need to rearrange due to the Covid crisis, we will transfer your deposit to the new date agreed.
  2. If the original artist you booked is not available on your newly chosen date, we will still transfer the deposit over to the new artist that you book with JK Entertainment.
  3. If the crisis persists and you have to make multiple date changes, we will still transfer the deposit over to the new date agreed as many times as necessary, so that your deposit is fully protected to give you complete peace of mind.
  4. If you have to cancel your booking & are unable to reschedule immediately, we will happily hold your deposit in our client account & transfer it to the new date when you are ready to rebook, or alternatively credit the amount to a family member of your choice for their special occasion up until 2023.