Mobile fun casino for hire UK

Fun Casinos are a fabulous choice for themed events, such as Las Vegas or James Bond Evenings or something to add the 'Wow' Factor at Corporate events, private parties, wedding receptions or even team building events.

Professional full size Tables, Chips & Croupiers are supplied as part of the package. Most popular tables requested are Blackjack, Roulette, Texas Hold-Em & Stud Poker.

Fun casinos provide the perfect Casino Experience with lots of fun, you get all the thrills of gambling without having any effect on your pocket !!

How it Works

  • Playing time to suit, normally 2.5 - to 3 hours to conclude by midnight (additional charges apply thereafter)
  • Fun money is evenly distributed amongst the guests at the beginning of the evening
  • Fun money is then exchanged for chips at the gaming tables
  • Croupiers are happy to explain the rules for novices
  • Our croupiers have years of experience and are happy to teach your guests how to play the games & explain the rules, so even a novice can have a go
  • When the casino closes the player with the most chips is announced as the winner
  • Host usually provides a non-cash prize