Tina Turner - Totally Tina

Justine has been singing professionally for over two decades now and has worked extensively in theatres and on national TV, she is also a much sought after session vocalist for some of the biggest record labels in the UK.

Having been told on many occasions she really sounded like Tina Turner; Justine set herself the challenge to become the closest copy she could be. But this was going to take some transformation! After hours of scrutinising video footage, watching mannerisms and movements, hand making the all-important wig, deciding which costumes to copy, listening to patter and hundreds of versions of the same songs from different decades, Totally TINA was created.

As with Tina, Dancers would have to be a big part of the show, a troupe of professional dancers were hand-picked, choreography based on Tina’s live shows and their own unique collaborations were created and the whole production was rehearsed, tweaked and rehearsed again.

“I’ve been myself a lot longer than I’ve been a tribute to any artist and its strange sometimes to transform into my big alter ego. But you get away with an awful lot with being TINA!” Her sheer presence, her energy, her humility and dynamite vocals. If I can’t achieve success in my own right and her fans aren’t too upset, I cannot think of anyone I would rather pay homage too. I’ve never thought of myself as an impersonator and in no way ever think I can replace the legend that is Ms Turner, but I hope if she ever sees the show she will appreciate the hard work and sacrifice we have put into it just so we can keep spreading her name to her fans. I always say to our audiences at the end. If you felt for just one second you were watching Tina again then our job is done”

National Tribute Music Awards

The Lifetime Achievement awards was presented to Totally TINA as the tribute act who has made an outstanding contribution to the entertainment industry over a sustained period of time. A first-Class act in their own right, showing a huge amount of dedication and hard work in emulating their chosen performer as closely as possible. While many tribute acts are content with just slightly resembling the original Totally TINA has spent years honing their look, sound and Choreography, dazzling Audiences nationally and internationally. Passion and commitment are obvious, and Totally TINA have built up a fan base of their own and growing support over the years. Ultimately, we presented the award to Totally TINA for standing out from the crowd with their musical skill, stage presence and performing ability.

Show Options

1 x 60 mins

2 x 45 mins


We held the 'Breast Friends' Annual Christmas Dinner Dance on Sunday the 17th December 2017 at Moor Hall Hotel. It was a fantastic night and Justine as Totally Tina was a smash hit! I must say she is the best tribute act we have ever seen. She puts on a marvellous show with her dancers and numerous costume changes. But most importantly she is as close to the real thing I have ever seen and heard!  Justine has a great voice and we will certainly be booking her again! - Jackie Benzecry, Chairman, Breat Friends Breast Cancer Support Charity, Sutton Coldfield.