Coldplay - The Coldplayer

Coldplay have had countless top ten hits and sold millions of records all over the world, their crowd chanting epic choruses and worldwide appeal ensures that most people at some point in their life, have sang along to a Coldplay song. Some of their songs have now become timeless classics. Seth performs as only you would expect Chris Martin to perform.

The Coldplayer, is a unique solo tribute to Chris Martin and the band Coldplay. The Coldplayer offers a unique solo tribute show which encapsulates the essence of Coldplay’s globally renowned live shows in a more personal up close performance setting.

The Look - Seth performs in custom created costumes to imitate Coldplay's unique vibrant and colourful look when they perform live. This adds a certain authenticity and is a real pleaser for all Coldplay fans. From the beautiful stage props to a fully painted upright piano to give the show even more authenticity.

The Voice - Seth has been impersonating Chris Martin professionally now for over a decade, during this time honing and perfecting his voice to sound as close to the man himself as you can get. No other Coldplay tribute offers such an authentic and close impersonation of the voice of Coldplay.

The Show 

His set up can accommodate small venues right up to theatres, festivals and also lends itself well to a whole host of event productions. With the famous painted piano, stage props, led backdrop, video animation and amazing lighting. Seth has performed all over the world from Puerto Rico to India, Holland to America, Bahrain to North Wales. The solo show has become extremely popular for corporate and private parties, tribute festivals and weddings. Seth offers plenty of flexibility and will work with you to ensure your event runs smoothly, the audience leave feeling thoroughly entertained having enjoyed the whole show as a wonderful and memorable experience.

Now you can experience the full band sound in a solo performance, Seth plays the keys, guitar and sings live accompanied with a fully produced and recorded backing band. This means you can appreciate the full band sound without the full band cost.

Show Options

1 x 60 mins

2 x 45 mins

Seth can also be booked with his band show Cloneplay. 


I hired Seth for my 30th birthday and he blew the roof off the place. As a huge party of massive Coldplay fans, what an amazing night. He looks the part and sounds the part, just like Chris Martin and puts on an incredible show. Highly highly recommended to absolutely everyone - Thomas William Cowin

Fantastic show last night, thank you so much for singing "Us against the world" for me I know how hard it is to sing because I've heard Chris sing it live and he struggles with the low tones. Your tribute to the man is extraordinary, even down to his mannerisms, its easy to see that you do what you do with both passion and respect for Chris. I've seen Coldplay live 3 times I'm a HUGE fan so I know that what you do you do well. 😊 Any fan of Chris' should make sure that they see you perform! Bravo sir, bravo 👏 - Helen France 

I caught this guy by chance on a local pub crawl, we were all blown away with his stage presence and the authenticity of his performance , not into coldplay personally but we just had to stay and watch his whole set , quite amazing to go in a pub and just stumble across Chris martin doing a solo spot ...that's how it felt - Tommy Beardmore

The best tribute to Chris Martin in the UK. Also a gentleman to work with. Highly recommended - James Paul Armstrong

The Best Coldplay trib ever  😊 Seth has performed at my venue twice now and what amazing time we all had - Aaron Burnett

This is a truly amazing act. Seth (lead vocals) is a Chris Martin lookalike and close your eyes you won't know the difference. Not just singing playing guitar and keyboards. This is more than a normal one-man show. The act comes complete with a full light show making it a show not to miss. Highly recommend - Stephen Sutton

5 Stars, the best Chris Martin tribute end of story - Celia Crane