Stephen Seabourne

Stephen Seabourne is a close up magician based in the West Midlands. He has been performing his unique style of close up illusions and "psychological shiftiness" across the West Midlands & UK for a number of years.

His unique performing style has been the basis of his success and has led to him being booked by many of the UK’s top corporate companies. As well as performing at these corporate hospitality events Stephen is a regular guest at private functions. His brand of magic can enhance any occasion such as a wedding, birthday, anniversary, engagement, house party or christening etc.

Using nothing more than a deck of cards, your mind and a few everyday objects Stephen can employ his skills of sleight of hand and psychology to leave your guests with a moment of wonder. Whether he is exposing the methods of the card shark or the fraudulent psychic, demonstrating the scams of the con artist or simply mystifying with a borrowed item his performance always packs a punch.

The inherent charm of this style of entertainment is that the art of the deception cannot be hidden by TV camera tricks or by smoke and mirrors on a large stage. All the mystifying feats are performed right under your nose.

The strong performance that Stephen delivers creates an atmosphere of astonishment and gives your guests magical memories to take away with them, ensuring that your event will be talked about for years to come.

For larger events, Stephen can call upon a number of other high quality magicians to work with to make your function memorable.

Close up Magic at your event
Close up magic is an inherently fascinating art form. Impossible feats are witnessed close up right under your nose, often the magic actually happens in your hands. As a close up magician Stephen can give your function an extra dimension to enusure a fascinatingly memorable occasion.

Show Options

Since the style of close up magic Stephen performs is so versatile, it can be tailored to suit any function. Here are some of the most popular ways a close up magician works at an event:

Walk Around Magic - Often titled mix and mingle magic at events where guests are standing, such as cocktail parties and wedding receptions. In these situations Stephen can walk to various groups of people and perform close up magic whilst standing.

Table Magic - Stephen is able to visit seated groups of people and perform for them at a table. This is often ideal at dinner parties where the close up magician can perform in between courses. At several events, smaller and more intimate in nature, a spare seat has been left at each table to allow Stephen to join them before as well as in between courses to perform powerful close up magic.

Meet and Greet - Similar in style to walk around magic, Stephen has often been employed to meet and greet guests with magic. This is an excellent ice breaker! In situations where guests are unlikely to know each other Stephen is able to use close up magic as tool to bring people together and get them talking.