Steel Band - Maestros

Norman comes from a very musical family and has been playing music even before he could reach the instruments. He would use household pots & pans to create tunes and this formed the foundation to the start of his musical career and performing in a Steel Band.

At secondary school Norman had the pleasure of meeting Roy Jacob (Midlands Art Centre) & was chosen to join the school band. The band were invited to attend many functions and it wasn't long before their popularity grew, resulting in the band having more players than instruments. This prompted Norman to make his first pan & he took his prized possession to Roy Jacob  at the Midlands Arts Centre. Roy was so impressed with Norman that he agreed to teach him the art of tuning a pan! This was a pivotal point in his Steel Band career and Norman was invited to attend the Midlands Arts Centre and work with Roy Jacob's  and the Maestros Steel-band and it wasn't long before he became a regular member.

In May 1981, when Norman left school, he joined Roy as an assistant, teaching in schools and running workshops. It was an exciting time and a valuable learning curve. At the beginning of October that year he went to Germany performing in workshops and making pans for schools and community centres. In less than a week after arriving back from Germany tragedy struck and Roy Jacob died on the way back from a performance shattering Norman's world, the team were devastated! Norman was nearly 17 at the time and after many meetings to convince staff at the Midlands Arts Centre in Birmingham of his passion and ability for the Steel Band, they agreed to support him in carrying forward the work Roy had started.

 An opportunity he will always be extremely grateful for. Norman went to Trinidad for the first time in 1986 and played with a 120 piece steel orchestra in the national Pan-o-Rama finals with “Solo Harmonites”. This was a great experience, observing first hand how the true professionals perform and he gained many new skills. Norman was leader of the first Steel Band to play in the old Ukraine. They performed six Ukraine folk songs, all of which went down a treat. Over the years Maestros have performed in several European countries, the Caribbean, Africa and the Middle East. They are suitable for many types of events and are a popular choice for garden parties, summer balls, weddings, private functions and corporate events. Their repertoire is vast & can be tailored to suit the occasion. On a day to day basis Norman also supports many Steel Bands throughout the UK through teaching, mentoring, music arrangements and making instruments. 

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1 x 60 mins

2 x 45 mins

Norman also performs in his solo show Mr Panmaestro


Hi Jackie, Norman was a huge success again this year, both residents and relatives enjoy his performance.So please can we book Norman for Saturday 4th July 2020 from 3.30pm to 4.30pm, Kind regards - Jayne Vyse - Beech Hill Grange Nursing Home