Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal

Michael Jackson was one of the greatest musical icons of all times, singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer & actor attained his worthy title of the "King of Pop". An International genius with a career spanning over 4 decades. His timeless music and dance moves inspired & influenced so many artists all over the world.

Gathan is Smooth Criminal, ever since he was a toddler everyone knew he would be destined for that big stage, singing, dancing and thoroughly entertaining with huge amounts of confidence. Talented in his own right Gathan performed his apprenticeship in clubs & pubs, then stepped it up a notch to pantomimes & theatres & one of his greatest highlights performing on a West end show. His biggest achievement to date was getting to the final stages of X Factors' boot camp not once, but on three separate occasions, cumulatively beating 450,000 other applicants to audition for the biggest talent show in the world. 

Gathan took great inspiration from Michael Jackson adoring his music & on stage antics. Gathan is a natural mould of the King of Pop at his best. With a great vocal talent and smooth dance moves the resemblance is uncanny. Gathan has captured the essence of Michael Jackson in this high-energy show leaving audiences mesmerized. From the early days of The Jackson Five to the latest MJ album hits, this show has it all & Gathan delivers with the utmost respect to the Legend - Michael Jackson.

Gathan has now toured extensively throughout the UK & Europe & worldwide destinations, as well as African royalty helping the Legacy to live on. 

Show Options 

1 x 60 mins

1 x 75 mins

** if two sets are required Gathan is happy to perform mixed party set of diverse classic & current musical icons.