Santana - Very Santana

Very Santana, are a 6 Piece West Midlands, UK based band presenting a live experience spanning the entire musical Santana legacy, including the early era songs from the Abraxas album such as Black Magic Woman, Oye Como Va, Samba Pati, through to the Late 70s hits such as Europa, She’s not there, to the Modern Era multi Grammy Award winning songs such as Smooth and Maria-Maria…

This Live, Latin-rock experience recreate authentic Santana style with exceptional musicianship, 6 people, congas, percussions, amazing songs, with sound effects to boot! They use nothing but the best, Santana-accurate replica instruments, amplifiers, top end, very rare PRS guitars and a legendary Mesa Boogie King Snake Santana amp – the same amp that Carlos uses on his gigs, this takes pride of place as its signed by the man himself - Carlos!

They perform live concert versions of the songs with a lot of extra improvisation, adding their own edge, so that the songs stay fresh, delivered with a few surprises along the way. Very Santana deliver a fantastic musical experience to their audience at every performance!

The band are all big Santana Fans but Rolly (guitarist) in particular has always had an ambition to perform a complete Santana show. His immense knowledge of Santana, coupled with his lifelong passion of being a genuine fan, gives this band their solid foundation.

Show Options

1 x 45 mins

1 x 90 mins

2 x 45 mins


  • Evil ways
  • Oye Como Va
  • Black Magic Woman
  • Europa
  • She's not there
  • Flor'd Luna
  • Love of my life
  • Samba Pati
  • Hoy es adios 
  • Maria Maria
  • Smooth
  • Victory is won
  • Game of love
  • Put your lights on
  • I'm feeling you
  • Twisted
  • Brown skin girl
  • La Flaca