Robbie Williams - Dougie

Dougie as Robbie, is one of the one of the most in demand showmen, other tributes can look and sound like Robbie but very few can captivate and hold a crowd in the same manor as the pop legend, Dougie does that with ease every time! With his stage presence and personality you can’t help but find yourself emerged on the journey from the early days of Strong and No regrets, through to the swing period and right up to date with the modern classics like Candy and Love My life, not to mention some Robbie inspired Take That tunes in there for good measure!!

The rules are simple, start with Let Me Entertain You and end with Angels and what happens in between is all the fun of the night, even incorporating the new Las Vegas show, so a surprise is never far away.

Dougie has toured Europe performing as the great man, including performances in Gran Canaria, Portugal and Corfu and entertained on Cruise ships, Tui resorts, Haven and Butlins holiday parks, & some of the biggest corporate clients including Land Rover and McDonald’s to name just a few.

The line up can be tailored to suit your event, choose from a solo show, or with a 4 piece live band, for very large venues & events the band can be increased to incorporate strings & brass for the full big band effect!

Show Options

1 x 60 mins

2 x 45 mins