Robbie Williams - Tony

Hard to tell the difference

That Robbie Williams is a fantastic entertainer is well known. We also know that there are several replacements Robbie’s that try to impersonate him. That the best impersonators come from England is no secret either. But Tony is without doubt the best one. His show is without hesitation Fantastic!!!

The real thing!

Tony isn’t just a spitting image of Robbie Williams but he walks, talks, sings, smiles and dances like him. He has even taken over Robbie Williams cheeky looks and his sense of humor. His breathtaking show will fool you on the spot. It is no surprise that he has won many competitions impersonating Robbie Williams. In 2008 Tony was also a finalist on Graham Norton's 'The One and Only' BBC1 TV show.

Robbie's chart successes...

Tony is what you need if you want to hear all the great songs from the master himself. Old and new songs and a nice surprise ; together with a number of people out of the audience he does a impersonation of Take That, which is great fun!

It's bloody hard being me...

To use the words that Robbie Williams said after he saw Tony perform:

"It's great, I'm very flattered. It's bloody hard work being me!"

Tony is available solo performing to digital playback or with a full live band. Either option is fantastic and will leave you feeling that you have been to see The Real Thing- believe me it doesn't get any closer than this.

Show Options

1 x 60 mins

2 x 45 mins