Kylie Minogue - Rogue Minogue

Rogue Minogue, featuring the outstanding performance of Cheryl Hadle. This is a premium quality tribute to the ever popular Princess of Pop Miss Kylie Minogue, delivering an uncompromising approach to detail.

Cheryl Hadley has been performing professionally and vocally trained since the age of 16. It became evident that she was a talented vocalist, a skill that she was keen to explore.During her time she has performed at a huge range of venues and in a variety of shows from “Grease” to “Oliver” and solo performances at venues from Lakeside Country Club to Holiday Parks and ”Party In The Parks” to Night Clubs and Theatres here in the U.K. and also the U.S.A.

Providing an exhilarating set of hits from the early days when the world was first introduced to Kylie's debut, on to the pop scene through to the current collection of number one hits combined with a selection of arrangements of Kylie songs that add an extra dimension to this production.

Detail is at the core of Cheryl's presentation with a vocal performance of outstanding accuracy and unmistakable stage presence that completes the Kylie picture. Even 'Carrie Grant' Vocal Expert for BBC Fame Academy' said Cheryl was 'Vocally Brilliant'.

To maintain attention to detail, each stage outfit has been meticulously recreated by one of Kylie's London based designers giving that extra edge to the overall appearance. Cheryl has the voice the mannerisms and those ever famous 'Gold Hot Pants' that will definitely leave you 'Spinning Around'.

Cheryl Hadley is the finest Kylie Minogue Tribute available today. Performed and presented to exacting standards and is available for all styles of venue and events from holiday parks to corporate events, night clubs to marketing events.

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1 x 45 mins

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