The Jam - Jam DRC

The Jam DRC (Direction Reaction Creation) are the definitive tribute to The Jam.
A mutual love for The Jam is the driving force behind The Jam DRC. Named after the 5CD box set, which gathers together pretty much everything the Jam ever recorded. The Jam DRC are Jam fans playing Jam songs. The song list is extensive and covers all the popular numbers that you would expect, plus some unexpected ones, capturing the very essence  of The Jam at their peak.

Whether you are a hardened Jam fan or just getting an appetite for their music, then this live set will leave you with a lasting impression of what they were really all about. Classic singles, B - Sides and album tracks like, “Thick As Thieves,” “Little Boy Soldiers,” “Life From A Window,”“Billy Hunt,” and the underrated, vitriolic “Set The House Ablaze,” all delivered with mastery. If you didn't have the pleasure of watching The Jam live, then The Jam DRC will go some way in demonstaring just how great they were! The Jam DRC are the next best thing to The Jam!

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1 x 60 mins

2 x 45 mins