Red Hot Chili Peppers - Hot Red CP

The Hot Red Chili Peppers are a fantastic tribute to the great Californian foursome. Having been on MySpace for only 10 months the band have amassed nearly 70'000 plays already. Referred to so far as the "Australian pink floyd of the chili world" the band are also getting a reputation for doing the infamous chili's encore- SOX ON COX! as well as a reputation for being one of the finest , tightest tributes to the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

We believe that being a convincing tribute is more than just looking and sounding like the rhcp. it is about capturing the spirit of the band and not many bands (if any) have such a fun and lively, loving, vibrant and energy filled spirit as the rhcp!! The hot red chili peppers are one of the best chili tributes the UK has ever seen! The band has been on myspace since Feb 09 and has had over 85-000 plays on their two tracks, which when compared to other chili tributes is a big gap in plays! Referred to so far as "the Australian pink floyd of the chili world" by die hard chili fans who have attended the shows, the hot red chili peppers are simply a cut above. Mic smith, who plays Anthony, has all the moves and actually could probably get a job as a tony kiedis lookalike! The rest of the band are a tight unit, and energetic to boot onstage. The band is comprised of Mic smith on vocals (other band is nuclear minogue, an excellent rock covers outfit been going for 15yrs!).... rob mills on guitar(rob used to play in classic rock band diamond head and toured europe supporting megadeth to sold out arenas in 2005, also recorded a live dvd at the legendary astoria venue, which is now no longer!!).....ray green on bass.... and Chris green on drums (ray and Chris are brothers and are a very tight rhythm section that has been honed over many many years!) also we are the only band to do the infamous sox on cox encore!!

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1 x 60 mins

You guys rocked this year at Glastonbudget, I’m a massive chili peppers fan, seen them on many occasions….and i found it hard to tell the difference!! - Nick Tanner, Festival Organiser- main stage