Gene Pitney & Roy Orbison - Paul

The Night begins with a very moving and poignant portrayal of "The Big O". Dressed all in black, Paul totally encapsulates the persona of Roy Orbison, leading you to believe that you actually are in the presence of this great icon. Expertly arranged narrative voice-overs set the scene for the audience, and take them on a melancholy journey through Roy's eventful life. Paul's soaring vibrato sends shivers down the spine of everyone in the room. His performance is so accurate that the audience are completely spellbound for the entire set.

Having the voice is one thing, but this man has captured the essence of whom Roy Orbison was, and can deliver every song in that shy, yet soulful way that we all associate with the legend. "Only the Lonely", "Crying", Pretty Woman" and "You Got it" are just a few of the classics performed in this truly memorable part of the show.

In the second half of the evening, we see Paul rise to another very challenging role as he brings back to the stage another greatly loved performer - Gene Pitney. Gene had one of the most famous voices in the world. Once again, Paul's natural semi-operatic singing style and unique acting ability, has meant that we can sit back, relax and enjoy an awe-inspiring tribute to this legend.

Gene Pitney had a simple, yet distinctive style on stage which all his fans associate with, and this has been replicated to the finest detail. All the hits are there, including "24 Hours from Tulsa"," It hurts to be in love" and "Backstage", and the audience get a great chance to sing along to their favourites to round off this spectacular evening.

Both Roy Orbison and Gene Pitney were much-loved singers and performers, but of course these men were also very talented song writers. In 1960 Gene Pitney wrote a great little number called "Today's Teardrops" and this song was later released by Roy Orbison and featured on the B side of his amazing hit "Blue Angel". This connection between these great icons has given rise to the thought provoking and very moving title of Paul's show, which in itself describes the feelings of fans all around the world.

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