Michael Jackson - Forever Jackson

'Forever Jackson' is the ultimate tribute to Michael Jackson setting the industry alight and selling out venues wherever they go. Awarded the 'No.1 UK Michael Jackson Tribute Show' at the 2013 UK National Tribute Awards (as voted for by the UK Agents Association)

In the past six years Forever Jackson has performed in resorts, festivals, hotels and headlined events in countries such as Dubai, India, Crete, Turkey, Spain, France, Mexico and Egypt as well as Nationwide across the UK. Averaging at 150 shows annually, they regularly perform for many leading brands, companies and chains including Butlins, Thomson, G Casino, Pontins, Haven and Park Resorts to name but a few. 

Robin Parsons pays true homage to the late great King Of Pop. Singing 100% live lead vocal, his voice replicates the distinctive tones of Jackson. His dancing mirrors the legend in every detail, step for step right down to the smallest of mannerisms and his look (created through a three hour process using ONLY theatrical make-up) is the exact image of MJ. He has spent the past 17 years studying Michael Jackson in meticulous detail to produce the closest complete likeness currently performing today.

Robin has been a long time fan and learnt to replicate Michael's abilities through a love of performing. His dedication paid off in a big way when he got to live out a dream and performed for Michael Jackson in 2003 at his 45th Birthday show at the Orpheum Theatre in L.A....an honour only a very select few have experienced!

Forever Jackson is backed by an amazing all girl dance team known as Hip Hop Pop. The girls, choreographed by Jenny Bater, perform the classic world-famous routines whilst adding a little something extra for the modern age of music. They are simply electrifying!

Now with an all new full theatre production version – 'FOREVER JACKSON – LEGACY OF A LEGEND' is set to perform all over the world (including the UK) in 2016/17 featuring a live band, special fx, screen projections, the Hip Hop Pop dancers and more, this really is THE ONLY MJ SHOW TO SEE!

With wonderful touches of originality, visual extravagance throughout and a set list for all ages, (whether a fan or not) this is truly a production for everyone.

Ladies and gentlemen.......brace yourselves.......IT'S SHOWTIME!!!! 

Show Options

1 x 60 mins

2 x 45 mins 


In terms of expectation, the most eagerly anticipated entrance of the night was that of Forever Jackson, especially after the big build-up given by compere Des Coleman. One nice touch was the projection of behind the scenes images before he hit the stage, and when he did, there was an explosion of energy, a wall of sound and some very nifty footwork from ‘Jackson’ and his female dancers. I loved his energy, bravado and full-on attitude on stage, and this was an impressive performance from an artist totally committed to the Jackson tribute cause.....his version of Thriller, complete with ghostly girl dancers and featuring squeakily tight choreography, is an impressive show just in itself - The Stage Newspaper

Robin Parsons' Show "Forever Jackson" is an unbroken musical tradition that passed time and place in the world of Michael Jackson's sound. The whole show creates the feeling of an MJ live concert and is a revival and reincarnation of the music from an all time great artist. Robin transmits this tradition and the dissent of Michael Jackson’s music and personality in a creative, professional and detailed way - Norbert Sinnhuber, Tour Manger for Michael Jackson's HIStory Tour

His performance was exceptional and I have received exceptional feedback - Helen Saunders, Leeds Rhinos Rugby Stadium

This show is unmissable and I could watch it time and time again as Michael Jackson is brought to life with one of the best tribute acts I have ever seen. Not only is his voice like for like for that of Michael's himself but he has got Michael's manarisms, costumes and dance moves down to a T. This show gets a standing ovation every time and leaves people talking about it for days afterwards as you watch the King of Pop come to life - Jo Fisher, Thomson Sensatori Resort Manager, Egypt