Del Boy - Steve

Steve Rooney looks like the genuine article. But, like most things in sitcom Only Fools and Horses, he is a fake. Steve’s uncanny resemblance to David Jason has led to a career as a professional Del Boy lookalike. Lovely Jubbly are the famous words of Del Boy but if Steve Rooney was to walk in the room and say those words you would be mistaken for thinking you had just stepped back in time and come face to face with a television legend Del Boy. Steve has been impersonating Del for many years now and has an act second to none that has to be witnessed.
Steve was lucky enough to attend the show’s fan club annual convention with Uncle Albert lookalike & many other lookalike characters to complete the line up.  Steve said: "John Challis, who plays Boycie said he was the best Del Boy he had seen since the real one.''

It all started when Steve was working as a gardener, entered a Lookalike competition & won!! Since then he has being inundated with requests to appear as Del Boy, with his first booking making an appearance as Del Boy at Richard Branson’s pre-millennium party, which was attended by 90,000 people. Since then he has appeared at hundreds of parties, and charity and business events, and has even turned up at the weddings of the show’s biggest fans. He also had the pleasure of appearing as a double for one of David Jason’s other alter-egos – Jack Frost – on Harry Hill’s TV Burp.

Steve also owns an Only Fool & Horses inspired Yellow Robin Reliant car which can be booked for an extra fee where he can arrive in typical Del Boy style. A perfect addition for any event, a prop for selfies or even a method of transport for your groom to be!

Perfect choice if you are looking for something a little different, guaranteed to turn heads. Fabulous choice for meet & greet, mix & mingle with guests or a perfect icebreaker.

Show Options

  • Solo - Del Boy
  • Duo - Del Boy and Uncle Albert or Rodney
  • Robin Reliant Car - Steve can be booked with his Only Fool & Horses Yellow Robin Reliant car


Del made the day, he was bang on time and everything went to plan. Just seconds before he entered the pub where the wake was being held he gave me a call. On went the only fools and horses theme tune, at that point my mum shouts out "Ohh no, who the bloody hell put this on?!". As you know she wasn't a fan, haha. So in Del walks with his suitcase and tricks, he had us crying with laughter within ten minutes. Highlights are when he clocked my mums next door neighbour and shouts out "Denzel, what the bloody hell are you doing here!" Then two of the guys stood next to each other at the bar both in grey suits, one of them was short, the other 6.5 feet "Oh no its the Driscoll Brothers!". Again this bought on tears of laughter. Steve worked extremely hard in the hour he was there and he was worth every penny. I think we may have set a new trend for wakes going forward. Great work, fabulous service from you and your company and so well executed. You have made this occasion one that will never be forgotten by Dads friends and family. I would happily speak to anyone considering a lookalike at a wake in particular Steve Rooney AKA Del Boy. Kind regards & thank you - Paula Hale 

Please thank Steve for me, everybody loved him. He had Del Boy off to a tee and gave our party a great start - Gordon

We booked Del Boy and Uncle Albert with JK Entertainment agency and they went down storm for our annual team training and awards conference! We used them as a surprise meet and greet, they instantly set off a great atmosphere and mood to the evening. We will be booking again! - Benjamin Race, Group Sales & Marketing Manager - Tingdene Lifestyle