Daniel Craig - Steve

Bond is available for a wide range of assignments, such as: meet and greets, summer balls, hosting, presentations, films, TV commercials, Hollywood-themed nights and red-carpet events. Whatever the occasion he will add a dash charm, a splash of sophistication and a healthy measure of humour to ensure that your event will be a sure fire hit.

Steve is part of the Stunt Action Specialists team, performing live Bond-themed stunt shows around the world. He is also Bond in the “James Bond Experience” with Q The Music, the world’s leading James Bond Tribute Band. Of course, there would be no Bond without the villains. Steve works with the best of the worst – Odd Job, Jaws and Blofeld.

With just one call, all the entertainment for your Bond-themed extravaganza can be arranged. So, if your event requires the services of a top-secret agent, look no further. You’ve found the Wright Bond, James Bond.


  • Corporate Events - are an excellent way to reward your clients with a night of great entertainment. Bond's style & sophistication are the perfect match for your company event. 
  • Hosting - If you want to guarantee your event goes smoothly then call upon the services of Commander Bond to take control of the night. His skills range from presenting awards to saving the CEO from an evil cohort of villains.
  • Trade Shows & Product Launches - You only have one shot at making a big impression. Calling on the services of a secret agent is the perfect way to hit your target and elevate your product into the public eye. 
  • Red Carpet Events - Are all about the glitz & glamour of Hollywood Stars, so who better to attend than the most recognisable secret agent the world has ever seen? 007 - James Bond!
  • TV & Film - The highlight of his film career to date, has to be his appearance in a Bond film. Steve played a bodyguard, ensuring the safety of 'M', in Quantum of Solace. It may have been brief, but a moment he will always treasure. 
  • Birthdays & Weddings - What could be more exciting than having James Bond making an appearance on your special Day! Charming and entertaining your guests are his main priorities.