Bee Gees - Bee Gees Fever

Since 1999, Bee Gees Fever have been performing 100% completely live to venues all over Great Britain and Europe, honing their skills with one purpose in mind – and that is to entertain audiences, and they have been achieving this accolade for nearly two decades now.

The Bee Gees Fever show is a celebration of the music of the brothers Gibb, where they offer to take you back to 1998 for the ultimate “One Night Only” experience (in the first half their theatre show) and then take you back even further to 1979 and make you feel like you were actually there on the Bee Gees “Spirits Having Flown” world tour, when the Bee Gees were officially the biggest band in the world at the end of the seventies. 

Bee Gees Fever are not a copy cat gimmick, they are six professional musicians who perform each song “Totally Live” with no aid of backing tracks or sequencers – every instrument you hear is ‘live’; every vocal you hear is ‘live’, with no over dubbing or pre-recorded studio vocals, what you hear is the actual sound amplified and performing totally live allows so much energy to be extracted in each show, with natural interaction with their audiences and total spontaneity during a show.

This burst of raw live energy was the reason why Blue Weaver endorsed Bee Gees Fever, during their show performed to the Bee Gees Worldwide Fan Club Convention in November 2003, when fans from all over the world travelled to Manchester for a weekend to not only celebrate the life of the Bee Gees, but also pay homage to Maurice Gibb who had sadly passed way in the January of that year, as in affect the Bee Gees would never perform again.

Blue Weaver was a member of the Bee Gees through the 1970’s and co-wrote some of the Bee Gees classics, along with Barry, Maurice and Robin such as Tragedy, Stayin’ Alive and Night Fever, and after the Bee Gees Fever show at the Worldwide Fan Club convention in 2003, he came on stage and announced to the audience after the show that seeing Bee Gees Fever perform live on stage tonight was “like seeing the boys going on stage without me, during the Spirits Having Flown Tour in 1979”, and the Bee Gees Fever acapella version of “Nights On Broadway”, was the best version he had ever witnessed away from the brother’s Gibb themselves – a great endorsement from Blue Weaver and another reason why Bee Gees Fever are still going strong all these  years later.

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1 x 60 mins

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