David Beckham - Mark

Both David & Mark have a common denominator as both are sports personalities which definitely gives Mark an edge, a P.G.A golf professional (originally wanted to be a pro footballer), Mark is often stopped in the streets by fans who think he is David Beckham, he has posed for countless selfies, always a great compliment. It all began when Mark decided to grow a beard, the response was over whelming & prompted Mark to open an Instagram account, it wasn’t long before the media got hold of it and gave Mark some great exposure with some great editorials in the Sun & the Star, he hasn’t looked back since. With some fabulous bookings under his belt enabling him to travel the globe.

Mark looks just like the man himself, with a professional and friendly approach, and available for worldwide bookings. A great way to promote and create a real buzz. Suitable for a whole host of events & special occasions:

* Meet and Greet
* Business/Corporate Days/Presentations/Awards
* Photo shoots
* Weddings / Parties/ Social Events
* Public Appearances
* Advertising
* And much more